Tips and tricks to refresh your bedroom. Decor focused on relaxation.

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Tips and tricks to refresh your bedroom:

• Colours

There is a really wide range of colours available to choose those tones that best suit each individual, although for a bedroom it is better to opt for lighter tones to help unwind.

• Textiles

You could add a throw on top of the bedspread. It will give your bedroom a joyful and sophisticated touch. And you can also use it while taking a brief siesta, or when reading in bed.

• Decor

Add decorative touches and elements in harmony with your personality. Complement the decor of your bedroom with highly personal details: an image, flowers, pictures, transfers, painting, mirrors, rugs… Little suggestions that add a touch of personality.

• Bed ends

In the form of benches, chests, drawers… bed ends have become the ideal bedroom accessory, provided that you have the space available. The vintage trend which is so in fashion now has brought this item of furniture back into the limelight in both traditional and modern style bedrooms.

• Lighting

Let sunlight into your bedroom. Your bedroom should ideally be in an outward-facing part of the house, to let the vibrancy of the sunlight in. Lamps are another key element – always go for subtle shades, rather than bright lights.

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